World of Science: Adventures with Land Animals

World of Science: Adventures with Land Animals

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edited by Karen Kwek

About the book:

Adventures with Land Animals is an immersive encounter with more than 20 residents of diverse habitats on — and below! — the ground. Why should you appreciate the earthworm? What's the ring-tailed lemur trying to say? What makes the Serengeti wildebeest cross crocodile-infested waters? Roam Christmas Island with the red crab. Stay clear of the kangaroo's powerful kick. And swing in the treetops with the white-handed gibbon! From icy mountains to arid deserts, and from dense forests to open grasslands, experience the spectacular world of land animals as never before!



ISBN: 978-981-12-4188-8
Publication Date: 30 August 2021
Dimensions: 265mm x 190mm
Pages: 80
Format: Softcover